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Musculoskeletal diseases like e.g. osteoporosis or osteoarthritis are frequent and show strong increased incidence. They are common widespread diseases with high socio-economic relevance. The affected people often have strong pain and functional restrictions which result in social, psychological and economic burdens leading to substantial financial consequences. Currently, the knowledge of the aetiopathogenesis and treatment of musculoskeletal diseases is insufficient. There is an obvious and essential need in research not only on the specialized tissue but also on the musculoskeletal system as a whole. The CCMB will contribute with his research a contribution to the improvement of the diagnosis, prevention, treatment, therapy, and regeneration of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The research of the CCMB is to be settled on different levels, from basic research to clinical interventions. Through the cooperation of the diverse institutes and clinics with their different research disciplines know-how is exchanged and both resources (equipment) as well as methods can be used synergistically. Common research projects should be strengthened.



The Center is member of the following research unit:

FOR2722 - Novel molecular determinants for musculoskeletal extracellular matrix homeostasis - a systemic approach




Current Projects

•    Mechanical and biological determinants of osteoarthritis
•    Extracellular matrix and skeletal diseases
•    Skeletal development inclusive endochondral ossification, development and mineralization of the growth plate
•    Interaction between mechanical loading and tissue response
•    Mechanotransduction on the organ, tissue and cell level

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